LESLEY BLANCH Romance is the fugitive strain we all have to listen for

Guardian — Time Traveller by Joe Boyd. July, 2005

Wanderlust — Interview by Jim Blackburn. June, 2004

Sunday Times — Reverie on the Riviera by Karen Robinson. August, 2006

House & Garden — Wilder Shores of Eating: Alice Wooledge Salmon lunched with doyenne of travel and food, Lesley Blanch, and discussed her latest publication, a 'sketchbook' of culinary adventures. February, 1991

Figaro Littéraire — Lesley Blanch interviewed by Julie Rouart about her husband Romain Gary and their concurrent literary careers, 27 April, 1992

International Herald Tribune — The Wilder Shores of Romanticism by Mary Blume. September, 1986

Daily Telegraph — A mystery woman lifts the veil: A vivid imagination has sustained author Lesley Blanch throughout her long life. Maureen Cleave talked to her in the South of France about the romances and adventures of her past. September, 1981

W — Lesley Blanch: Fiercely Determined Romantic by Judy Fayard. October, 1976

The Times — Viewpoint: A conversation with Lesley Blanch. June, 1973

Sunday Times magazine — Chez Elles: Lesley Blanch, Nancy Mitford and Mary McCarthy are three successful women writers living in Paris. Valerie Wade went to talk to them about the homes they live and work in. Photographs by Roger Gain. September, 1969

SHUSHA GUPPY interviews LESLEY BLANCH. First published by Touchstone/Simon & Schuster in 1991 in Looking Back: A Panoramic View of a Literary Age by the Grande Dames of European Letters ... full interview pdf1

Spectator — The Wild One. Caroline Baum was the last journalist to interview the writer Lesley Blanch, who died earlier this month. 26 May, 2007

Independent — Lesley Blanch, writer & traveller by Shusha Guppy. 8 May, 2007

Guardian — Lesley Blanch, grand and eccentric writer who charted her worldwide adventures in travel and cookery books, and a single literary classic by Alice Wooledge Salmon. 10 May, 2007

Figaro Littéraire — La mort de Lesley Blanch par Philip Mansel. Translated into French by Guillaume Villeneuve. Le 17 mai, 2007

New York Times —- Lesley Blanch, 102, a Writer and Traveler, Dies by Margalit Fox. 11 May, 2007

Daily Telegraph — Lesley Blanch's most romanticised creation was Lesley Blanch herself. 10 May, 2007

Sydney Morning Herald — An eccentric's romantic life. 19 May, 2007

The Times — Writer and traveller whose lyrical books blurred the boundaries between history, imagination and autobiograph. 10 May, 2007

Nice Matin — Veuve de Romain Gary | Menton: mort de l'écrivain Lesley Blanch par Jacques Gantié. Le 18 mai, 2007





















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